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Jack Wood Pillar
Jack Wood Pillar

Antique Jack Wood Pillars, sold in a set of two. Excellent craftsmanship, beautiful hardwood grain. Includes capitals and plinths.

Originally from old dismantled mansions in India.

Pair of solid Jack wood load bearing columns with solid Jack wood crowns supported on hand-carved Wooden bases. These columns once carried a two storied colonial mansion. Jack wood is one of the few woods that can carry heavy loads, resist insects and stay stabile. Vintage architectural pieces like these columns are difficult to find. This antique, Colonial era Indian architectural column is crafted of solid Jack Wood in a tall, slender, graduated cylindrical form and topped by a solid Jack pillar top. Jack Wood is a very rare wood. This pillar is extremely heavy and structurally sound and would fit with any traditional, contemporary or even Art Deco decor.

Strength of Jack wood:-

Even Grained: It is even-grained which gives it a good finish.

Easy to work with: It can be easily carved and designed to create furniture and other articles.

Aesthetic Appeal: The beauty of the wood makes it a popular choice for making musical instruments and aesthetically appealing objects.

Jack wood is used to make furniture, door panels, cabinets and musical instruments.

Resistance to termite attack: one thing you want from any outdoor furniture piece is hard wearing, and it is resistant to termite attack, fungal, and bacterial decay.

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Product Category:  Wooden Pillars
Materials:  Jack Wood
Art of Type:  asian Antiques
Place of Origin:  India
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